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Since 2004, Basta Pasta has been bringing its signature style of modern homemade Italian dining to communities throughout the Baltimore area. We’re especially proud for the recognition we’ve received for our restaurant’s crab cakes – which you can now prepare for you own family using our brand new crab cake shipping methods.

Where do Basta Pasta’s shipped crab cakes come from?

Every parcel of crab cakes that we send to you and your family are authentic, local Maryland crab cakes – and all are prepared specially for you, in-house! Although you’ll be enjoying them at home, you will truly be having signature quality of Basta Pasta sent straight to your door.

Is there a specific quantity of crab cakes that I can order?

Yes. All of our signature crab cakes come in 8 oz. size, and are shipped to your home in packages of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16.

How long in advance can I place my order?

All of our crab cakes are shipped overnight. If an order is placed before 12pm EST, it will get to your front door the next day. If an order is placed after 12pm EST, it will ship the next business day and will arrive the day after. So, the sooner the better – but, if you’re planning on a special dinner for tomorrow night, we got you covered! All orders placed after 12pm on Thursday will be shipped on Monday.

What is the shelf life of the crab cakes in the fridge?

In order to maintain their freshness, we highly recommend that our Basta Pasta crab cakes remain in your fridge no longer than 2-3 days before preparing them. 

How do you ship your crab cakes?

All Basta Pasta crab cakes are shipped to your home through FedEx Express Overnight.

If I have a question about my order, can I call and ask for help?

Of course! The Basta Pasta family is happy to assist you in your crab cake shipment. Feel free to call us at 410.692.5200, or email us at [email protected].

If you have any additional questions regarding your crab cake shipment, always feel free to reach out. Visit us today or contact us to learn more about our menu and catering options for all over the Baltimore area!