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3 Ways to Celebrate Graduation with Your Favorite Italian Restaurant

italian restaurant celebrate graduation

Congrats, Class of 2016!

Basta Pasta is your favorite Italian restaurant, right? If it isn’t already, it will be by the end of this blog post. Buckle up!

There’s a seemingly endless stream of college grads walking across stages throughout America right now, and many of those grads will be coming home to the great state of Maryland. Full of excitement and/or crippling fear at the ideas of the unknown future ahead of them, one thing is certain: they’re hungry. Here’s why Basta Pasta is the solution to all your post-grad concerns.

For the Excited

Congrats! You did it! You made it through the hardest educational experience of your life so far, and you did it with only a few mental breakdowns! And the best part is that you did it all (mostly) willingly! That’s a heck of an accomplishment. Come celebrate with us! Whether you want to bring the whole family in for a fancy private party at our Timonium location, or just bring the parents or a few friends for a calmer gathering at either location, Basta Pasta is one Italian restaurant equipped with the deliciousness to make your graduation celebration one to remember. And if you need a catering team for your grad party at home, you know who to call! (No, not GhostBusters, Basta Pasta!)

For the Fearful

Hey, it’s cool, man, take a breath. You made it through college, and that’s an awesome achievement. It’s okay that you don’t have your life quite figured out yet — what are you, 22? You have so much ahead of you and plenty of time to find your path, just try to relax. If you need a little help, we have your back. Grab some of the ultimate comfort food (Italian, duh) and drown your sorrows in carbs and cheese. Or take a different route and pick a bottle or two off of our expansive wine list. (Hint: Monday night is half-priced wine night in Fallston and it’s Wednesday in Timonium. Enjoy!)

For the Still-Drowning-in-Finals

You’ll get there soon! Think about how much school you’ve already endured — the rest of your collegiate career is nothing next to all that! Whether it’s just another week or another few semesters, you’ll get there soon enough. In the meantime, take a break from all that studying and come celebrate simply making it through the semester! If you’re still ballin’ on a college budget, check out the rest of our Italian restaurant specials lists. Or you can make Mom and Dad pay. 😉

Celebrate Grad Season with Your Favorite Italian Restaurant, Basta Pasta!

In 2004, Basta Pasta opened its doors to the public, and ever since has maintained the image and experience of casual Italian dining. In addition to fresh, delicious ingredients and recipes, the restaurant strives to uphold expert, attentive, and cordial service for its customers. Our Timonium location also features plenty of rooms for private parties and events. Enjoy a taste of Italy with hearty pasta dishes, endless salad and breadsticks, and fine wines right here in your hometown. For more information, click around our website.

Want to learn more about our wine selection? Need to get in touch with one of our locations? Here is some basic contact information for both:

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