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4 Cheese & Fruit Pairings to Enjoy Outdoors

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What’s your favorite cheese and fruit combination?

The weather is warming up and it’s the perfect time to enjoy a picnic with your significant other or the whole family. If you love spending time eating outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer, choose from any of these four cheese and fruit pairings for your afternoon snack or dinner time treat. Add a delicious Italian wine for a luxurious experience.

Rainier Cherries and Chevre Cheese

Chevre cheese, or goat cheese, is a creamy and soft cheese ideal for spreading on crackers or dipping vegetables in. Rainier cherries are golden, sweet, and a perfect complement to goat cheese. Since chevre has a bit of a tang to it, sweeter cherries are a better choice than smaller or less flavorful cherries. To make it a full appetizer, add a glass of sparkling white wine.

Brie Cheese and Stemilt Cherries

Instead of pairing tang with sweet, like the previous cheese pairing, this marries the creamy and silky flavor of brie with the sweet and tart flavor of Stemilt cherries. Bing cherries are common on grocery store shelves throughout spring and summer, so grab some next time you’re at the store for a delicious Italian snack.

Sharp Aged Cheddar Cheese and Bright Pink Lady Apples

This snack is great for spring or fall, as pink lady apples are in peak season. Sharp cheddar cheese has a bright and harsh flavor that matches the crunchy and sweet Pink Lady apple perfectly. Put the two over crackers or in the middle of a grilled cheese sandwich for a delicious delight.

Blue Cheese and Yellow Peaches

Peaches are approaching their season and the tangy and ripe taste of blue cheese is perfect for a match. This pairing is at its best in July, August, and September, so spend the last days of summer sipping wine and digging in!

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