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4 Fun Facts About Italian Soda

What's your favorite Italian soda flavor?

What’s your favorite Italian soda flavor?

Italian soda combines everything we love about soda with all of the charming qualities we associate with Italy. However, while Italian soda is most definitely made with soda water, you won’t find it on the menu in Italy! Check out these interesting facts about this handcrafted American drink.

Origins of Italian Soda

While the name would lead you to believe it was invented in Italy, Italian soda was actually made by Torani, the San Francisco-based syrup company. Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre were the first to coin the term “Italian soda” in 1925 for a drink made of flavored syrup mixed with soda water.

Not Quite Italian

Italian sodas are based on the American soda fountain, so they are definitely not Italian in their origin. According to Le Cordon Bleu, Italian sodas are actually “scoffed at by most full-blooded Italians.” However, Italians do enjoy a similar beverage made with myrtifolia juice, a native-Italian citrus fruit.


Like most soda, Italian sodas are made of 3 basic ingredients: soda water, flavored syrup, and ice. However, unlike name brand soda you can buy in a store, Italian sodas, and the syrups they’re made with, can come in a variety of flavors, from fruit to spices. They can even emulate other popular drinks, like Chai tea. Typically, they don’t have caffeine and are non-alcoholic, so they’re great for children, while you can enjoy a glass of wine.


Since Italian soda is handcrafted, you have some options when it comes to your soda. Some cafes ask if you’d like to add cream to your soda or even ice cream for a float. Most places have a variety of different syrups, so you can mix and match to create your perfect flavor. If you’re trying to stay healthy, Torani now makes a whole series of sugar-free syrups, so you can get zero-calorie Italian sodas too!

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