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5 Different Ways to Prepare Spaghetti

In the mood for Italian food? Visit Basta Pasta!

In the mood for Italian food? Visit Basta Pasta!

There’s nothing that screams Italian cuisine quite like spaghetti. When people think about cooking an Italian meal, it is often the first thing that comes to mind. Spaghetti is also a very budget friendly meal, and it can be a good nutritional decision! So this National Spaghetti day, discover 5 different ways to try cooking that old favorite. 

Slow Cooker

Spaghetti is a great meal because it is easy to cook, but it is a little time intensive, mostly because if you walk away from that bubbling sauce, you may come back to it all over your cooktop. The slow cooker is a wonderful invention that allows you to prep your food and then go about your other business while it cooks. You may have never thought that spaghetti could work in a slow cooker, but it can. Most of the cook time is dedicated to the sauce and meat, a rich combination of meatballs, diced tomatoes, and whatever veggies you like. In the last 25 minutes, you add the uncooked spaghetti (make sure that it is completely covered by liquid) and cook it all on high till the pasta is al dente.

Pizza Style

Spaghetti pizza? Well, actually, this is more of a casserole of spaghetti, sauce, and meat, with melted cheese on top. But the look is a lot like pizza, and you can even add your favorite pizza toppings, like pepperoni. This is sure to please and surprise your family.

Rich and Creamy

You can also jazz up your favorite spaghetti recipe by making a creamy version. Make the sauce as you normally would, but then stir in some cream cheese. This will take off the bite of the tomato and lend a delicious creamy texture.

Salmon Carbonara

Spaghetti doesn’t have to be dressed in red sauce. Carbonara is a delicious dish that combines bacon, pasta, cheese, meat, and sometimes peas. Consider using leftover salmon to give this traditional dish a whole new spin. The combination of bacon and salmon in a creamy, cheesy sauce is amazing.

Pesto and Meatballs

Pesto is another Italian staple that is too delicious to pass up. Top your spaghetti with pesto, a little extra olive oil if needed, some meatballs, diced peppers, and a little extra cheese, and enjoy a spectacular but easy meal tonight.


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