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5 Favorite Sicilian Cheeses

What is your favorite Sicilian cheese?

What is your favorite Sicilian cheese?

In Italy, food purists define cheese as an aged milk product. By this definition, famous Italian cheeses like ricotta and mozzarella wouldn’t make the list, because they would be considered a curd rather than a cheese. Alas, a rose by any other name would still taste as good! Discover five of our favorite “hard” Sicilian cheeses.


Made from sheep’s milk, pecorino cheese is made throughout Sicily. In fact, it’s considered the most widely produced aged cheese product from that part of the world. Its sharp, distinct flavor is perfectly shredded over pasta, pizza, and salad.


Canestrato is made from cow’s milk and is similar to Pecorino in process. Its flavors are sweeter than Pecorino, and Sicilians prefer to enjoy slices of it with wine and fruit before or after a meal.


Caciocavallo, made from cow’s milk, takes at least eight months to age. The make caciocavallo, it’s suspended from a string, allowing it to form in the shape of a bulb. Sicilian chefs prefer to use caciocavallo in pasta, although many prefer to eat it alone or with wine.


Famously made in the town of Enna, Pracentinu is made from sheep’s milk and generously flavored with saffron. At first sight, the cheese looks yellow with black pepper speckles. With a soft rind and a fragrant exterior, Piacentinu offers a savory flavor.


A delicious, smoky cheese, Provola is made using one of the oldest methods in Sicily. Similar to the method used to create caciocavallo, Provola is suspended from a beam until it’s perfectly aged. The cheese becomes yellow in hue the longer it ages.

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