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5 Quintessential Italian Cocktails to Try This Summer

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July is finally here, and it’s time to soak up every ounce of summer we have left. What better way to cool down than with a delicious, refreshing beverage? From aperitivo time to herbal digestifs, the Italians know how to prepare an intriguing cocktail. Make one for yourself this summer, and visit Basta Pasta to enjoy our stellar bar! 

Aperol Spritz 

The Aperol Spritz is best enjoyed on a hot afternoon, right before a meal. Aperol is a low-alcohol content aperitif that is red in color. To make this cocktail, mix one part Aperol with one part dry prosecco. Top it off with ice, a splash of club soda, and an orange slice and enjoy! For a non-alcoholic version, pour a Crodino over ice and top it off with club soda! 


Also considered an aperitif, a proper Negroni is stirred and never shaken. Mix one part gin, one party semi-sweet vermouth, and one part Campari into a glass. Stir gently and finish off the beverage with an orange peel garnish. A Negroni is best enjoyed before a meal to heighten the appetite. 


If you’re tired of ordered Mimosas at brunch, switch it up and try a Bellini! To make this classic cocktail, fill a champagne flute with Prosecco and top it off with fresh peach juice. The Bellini can be enjoyed all day. For a non-alcoholic version, switch the Prosecco for sparkling cider!

Angelo Azzurro 

The Angelo Azzurro, or Blue Angel, is not as popular in America as the Bellini or Negroni, but that’s all the more reason to try it this summer. First, add ice to a cocktail shaker. Then, pour in 3 parts gin, one and a half parts triple sec, and one-half part of blue curacao. Shake well, strain into a martini glass, sip, and fly! 

The Godfather 

When Don Corleone said that revenge is a dish best served cold, he might have been alluding to this signature cocktail. The Godfather is made of one part scotch, one part amaretto liqueur, and an orange peel. Gently stir the ingredients with ice and pour into an old-fashioned glass. Enjoy! 


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