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6 Tips for Making the Perfect Panini


Making the perfect panini is easier than you think!

It’s National Panini Month and that means one thing for the Italian cuisine lovers at Basta Pasta—time to get cooking! Paninis have been popular for centuries, but today flavors are more creative and delicious than ever before. If you want to celebrate National Panini Month at home this August, here are 6 of our best tips for making the perfect panini.

Grill Wisely

Every way of cooking a panini doesn’t produce the same delicious result, so make sure that you use the proper panini method. Panini presses are the best way to ensure an evenly-cooked melty result, but many people don’t want to shell out for another kitchen appliance just for National Panini Month. As long as you are pressing evenly you should be able to use a grill pan and skillet to get the job done.

Get Creative

Even though the panini is an Italian cuisine staple, you can add in elements from other cuisines to make a delicious finished product. Try different types of bread, fillings, and cheeses to see which is your favorite. Add in some sugary elements for sweet panini that you will love.

Keep it Crispy

One of the hallmarks of a great panini is the signature crispy crunch of the bread when you bite in. In order to make sure that you get the crunch you crave, brush olive oil or butter on the outside before toasting. That will help to brown and harden the bread for a delicious bite.

Watch Wet Ingredients

The biggest enemy of crispy bread is soggy ingredients. When making a panini with wet ingredients like tomatoes or roasted red peppers, try to dry them as much as possible before putting them in. Always place wet ingredients in the middle of the panini to avoid dripping.

Use a Straight-Edged Knife

Serrated knives are typically used to easily cut through sandwiches and other types of Italian cuisine, but they aren’t the right tool for cutting through a panini. A straight-edged knife will easily cut through tricky fillings without destroying the finished product.

Have a Party

The ideal way to celebrate National Panini Month is with friends and family, so have a party! Break out the panini press and make a variety of paninis with different fillings for everyone to enjoy.

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