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5 Tips for Planning a Perfect Picnic Date

Celebrate Summer with a picnic!

Celebrate Summer with a picnic!

Since it’s the summertime, a picnic in the park is the ideal first date. If you’re not quite sure how to plan a picnic date, here are six things you should consider to help ease the planning and preparation of the date.

Planning the Menu

Planning your menu before the day of the date is very important. Picking up food from a restaurant can save you time if you’re not the best cook. If you would like to show her you really care, preparing the food yourself will impress her immediately. While planning the food you are going to cook, pick choices that travel well and won’t go bad if not refrigerated for a certain time. Food choices that are simple to put together and don’t require sauces are highly recommended.

Picking the Main Dish

We gave you a quick rundown on what foods should be on the menu, but let’s run down main dish ideas even further. Opt for the main dish involving a bread item as that is more filling and easier to eat with. Just make sure the bread you are using is thick and won’t crumble apart.

Pre-Picnic Prepping

Take care of the minor things at home while you have all your utensils handy. For example, if you need to cut the bread for sandwiches, do that before the date. You won’t have a cutting board with you so taking care of this early will save you time and injury.  

Choosing Containers 

Picking the right container may not seem like a big deal, but arriving at the picnic and opening the basket to find all your food spilled out the Tupperware will be. It’s important to pack your food in containers that are not cheap and can hold all the food you need. Packing your food in parchment papers to avoid oil spills and in light, easy serving containers are key to securing your food on your date.

Packing Your Food

Deciding on an appropriate bag to put the food in is crucial. Yes, a picnic basket is cuter and goes with the theme, but if it’s not properly keeping food cold or warm, it can change the overall taste of your dinner. If you have food that needs to be insulated, pack it in a separate bag than food that can stay at room temperature. You don’t want to make bread too cold or cold meats warm.



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