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What to Ask about your Wine

WineWhen you go to an Italian cuisine, you are typically handed two different menus. One menu contains your cuisine options while the second menu contains a wine list. Wine is known to begin and end most Italian meals. Both reds and whites are popular options depending on the meal chosen. Whether you have had a favorite wine for months or you are just discovering wine for the first time, many consumers tend to have questions surrounding wine. Have you ever asked one of the following wine questions?

  1. What’s the difference between corks and screw caps? A cork has been the traditional top of a wine bottle while screw caps are becoming more mainstream. This is imply because screw caps allow bottles to be made the same and are easier to remove than corks. 
  2. How long will wine last once opened? Once opened, a bottle of wine will last about two days. However, if you keep the wine in the fridge, or use a vacuum seal top, your wine will be able to last longer once opened.
  3. How should my wine be stored? When storing wine, keep the bottle in an area that is dark and cooler. You should place the bottle on its side and then simply leave it be.
  4. What does vintage mean in wine? When referring to a “vintage” wine, you are referring to the year in which the grapes for the wine were harvested.
  5. Why am I getting a headache after red wine? Red wines tend to contain higher levels of histamines. This is because of the color of the red wine and the level of sulfites in red wine. If you are experiencing a headache after consuming red wine, you are more than likely experiencing a negative reaction to histamines.
  6. Is drinking wine healthy? Like most things in life, wine can have benefits when consumed in moderation. Studies have shown red wine benefits ranging from decreased signs of aging to a healthier heart. However, drinking too much wine can have a negative affect on your life rather than positive.

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