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This Fall, Warm Up With 5 Italian Soup Recipes

In the mood for a warm, hearty soup? Visit Basta Pasta!

In the mood for a warm, hearty soup? Visit Basta Pasta!

Fall is perfect soup weather, and while you may think of pasta when you think of Italian cuisine, Italy is also known for some of the most delicious, heartiest soup recipes around. Italian soups are typically made with a base of beans and vegetables, making the most of some of most nutritious and filling fall flavors. Between regional varieties, meat-based versions, and delicious Italian breads, you may just find yourself warming up this fall with a wide range of delicious Italian soups. Here are 5 Italian soup dishes you’ll find yourself craving this fall.

1. Minestrone

A good minestrone can warm anyone up in the chilly fall weather. This soup is one of the most well-known in Italian cuisine, and its base of beans and vegetables make it extremely customizable. Minestrone can contain any number of seasonal or local vegetables, making it a real crowd pleaser for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The inclusion of traditional pasta will make this dish the hearty and filling Italian soup dish you’re looking for.

2. Ribollita

Ribollita is a Tuscan soup best known for using up anything leftover from the gardening season. White beans and vegetables, including kale, are boiled together and rested overnight, before a second cook. During the second cook, stale bread is added to the soup, resulting in a creamy, hearty dish that pleases any crowd through the fall and winter.

3. Zuppa di Verze e Patate

This soup is one of the best ways to use winter vegetables such as savoy cabbage. Zuppa di verze e patate, or “cabbage and potato soup,” is a supremely hearty traditional recipe originating in Veneto. You’re sure to find warmth in this traditional soup dish this fall.

4. Zuppa Imperiale

Zuppa imperiale, or “bread and broth,” is a soup with a clear broth and small dumplings. These dumplings, made from eggs, flour, cheese, and butter, add a nourishing element to this light broth. Since this is one of the less ingredient-packed soups on this list, zuppa imperiale is a wonderful complement to the perfect panini.

5. Fagioli

One of the most famous soup dishes in Italian cuisine, fagioli can come in many varieties. Pork rind, garlic, and lard can make this soup the perfectly thick, hearty dinner. A chestnut variety can make for a creamy, fragrant fagioli. The options are seemingly endless when it comes to warming up with Italian soups.


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