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Three Steps to Making a Delicious Bruschetta

Lobster meat with cheese casserole

Bruschetta is traditionally served with toasted baguette.

Bruschetta is a staple antipasto or, starter dish in all Italian cooking.  It’s traditionally served with grilled garlic bread and topped with olive oil and salt. Other variations include sauces, toppings of tomato, other vegetables, cheeses or even meat. Let’s explore three steps you can take to make a delicious bruschetta for your next meal.

Prepare Your Tomatoes Properly

The best way to prepare your tomatoes is to peel and gut them. It can be a dirty job, but it is also a simple one luckily. Tomato skins contain a bitter taste and removing them helps improve the flavor of your bruschetta topping.

Here is a quick step by step:

  1. Score the skin of your tomatoes on the bottom.
  2. Submerge your tomatoes in boiling water for 20-30 seconds. Hot water helps to shrink the skin of you tomato.
  3. Move your tomatoes quickly into an ice bath
  4. Peel your tomatoes as soon as they are cool. Ideally, the skin should be able to slip off.
  5. Slice your tomatoes into wedges and remove the seeds
  6. Dice as desired!

Choose the Best Toppings

Since Bruschetta is only a handful of ingredients, each ingredient’s quality need to be the best. To help add an extra pop of flavor, splurge and get the best kind of oil and vinegar. Flourish, a health and recipe blog recommends Boyajian Garlic or herb oil to brush the baguette in.

Try Some Variety

Bruschetta is a versatile dish and there are a lot of different ways to make it your own or to fit whatever meal you’re making. Flourish recommends that grilling your baguette can add a nice smokey flavor for a summer dinner. Trying pesto or wild mushrooms can add a surprising and delicious flavor profile as well. When it comes time to picking cheeses, go for the mozerrella, it is the perfect addition to Italian Meal.

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