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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Pasta


Learn the best tips and tricks to cooking your own pasta!

While we love when your family joins us at Basta Pasta, we know that every bowl of delicious pasta you eat isn’t from our kitchen! Italian cuisine is one of the most delicious and deliciously simple global cuisines. Here are four of the most common mistakes that chefs make when cooking pasta, and the cooking tips to remedy them.

Pick the Right Pot

First, make sure that you choose the right pot for cooking your pasta. Don’t cook long spaghetti in a small saucepan or waste a huge pot of water on a small serving of Rotini. The water temperature and volume will dramatically decrease once you add pasta, so remember to choose a pot that is big enough to hold 5-6 quarts of water on top of your pasta.

Salt the Water

Many people forget to salt the water that they are cooking pasta in, meaning they’re missing out on tons of delicious flavor. This cooking tip is incredibly easy to remember if you keep a small pot of sea salt directly next to your stove. As a rule of thumb, the water that you cook your pasta in should be almost as salty as the sea so that the flavor gets transferred into the pasta. This is especially important when cooking dry pasta.

Don’t Rush the Process

Sometimes, when you are especially hungry, it’s tempting to dump the pasta into the water before it is boiling. However, it’s critical that you wait! If you let your pasta sit in the water while it heats up, it will become gummy and sticky as a result. Avoid gummy Italian cuisine by practicing a little extra patience.

Stir Your Pasta

Last but not least, stir your pasta as it cooks! If you do not take the time to stir throughout the process, you will end up with a huge clump of gummy noodles at the end. A little bit of care throughout the process will ensure that you enjoy your Italian cuisine at the end.

Enjoy Authentic Italian Cuisine at Basta Pasta

For over 12 years, Basta Pasta has been providing Marylanders with delicious Italian specials cooked from fresh, delicious, high-quality ingredients. Enjoy a taste of classic Italian food with spectacular pasta dishes, unlimited salad and breadsticks, and sumptuous fine Italian wines. To make a reservation at our Timonium location, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 308-0838. To make a reservation at our Fallston location, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 692-5200. To find out more about our menu, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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