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6 of the Best Tips for Cooking Italian Cuisine

Discover the secret to cooking delicious italian cuisine!

Discover the secret to cooking delicious Italian cuisine!

One of the wonderful things about Italian cuisine is the diversity of ingredients and style available. Along with its health benefits, Italian cuisine is easily cooked at home if you know the following tips:

  • Always use the best extra virgin olive oil available. Don’t pour the olive oil into a hot pan or it will burn- heat the pan to a moderate temperature and drizzle the oil onto your meat, chicken or fish, then fry it until the desired temperature.
  • When cooking pasta, always use about 1 tablespoon of salt to 1 liter of water and have the water at a rapid boil. Always conserve a little of the pasta water for adding to your pasta sauces as the starches from the pasta help to give the sauce a little more substance in covering the pasta.
  • Fresh tomatoes used in salads or sauces are always best left out of the fridge. Use ripe red tomatoes as the flavor will be stronger at room temperature. Always taste your sauce if using fresh tomatoes as you may need to add a little sugar to balance the acidity.
  • Italian cuisine is often quick and simple to make, so always have a good array of ingredients on hand, including legumes, peeled tomatoes, parmesan cheese, olives, anchovies, good pasta, good quality vinegar, polenta, and fresh seasonings.
  • When using herbs always use the stronger flavors such as rosemary, thyme, and oregano at the start of your cooking when working with slow cooked meats, soups or sauces.
  • When it comes to the final result, make sure you have a knowledge of wines, as the pairing with Italian cuisine can really bring out the flavor of your dish.

Health Benefits

A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables play an important role in traditional Italian cuisine. Many foods included in Italian dishes, such as tomatoes, spinach, leafy greens, citrus fruit, onions, and garlic, are low in calories and fat but high in nutrient value. They’re packed with nutrients like vitamin A, which helps promote healthy vision, and iron, which helps carry oxygen throughout your body and is essential for chemical reactions. These foods, along with a portion-control program, can help you not only maintain a healthy weight but also aid in weight loss.

Keep it Simple

Another unique feature of Italian food is its simplicity. Italian cuisine is great with just a few ingredients: tomatoes, oil, bread, and wine, to name a few. Bruschetta, a classic traditional Italian food, is just bread seasoned either with garlic, oil, or tomatoes. The famous Caprese salad, a typical starter from southern Italy, is made with mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, and oregano.

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