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4 Reasons to Hold a Corporate Happy Hour

Treat your team to a happy hour!

Treat your team to a happy hour!

If your workplace is suffering from a lack of company culture you’ll notice all areas of the business can lose their shine. Employees quickly lose steam when they’re not being engaged in the workplace. Luckily, there’s an easy enough solution to boosting morale and promoting relationships — company happy hour.

Build Better Company Culture

When your employees get to build relationships outside the boundaries of the nine to five they’re more likely to begin to see their office mates as a team rather than as simple co-workers. Building this type of positive environment is a significant step towards a happier, nurtured workplace. If your employees are happy in their jobs they’re more likely to bring a positive attitude to work with more successes in business and fewer call-ins.

Foster Employee Bonding

Taking your team to a happy hour also helps develop deeper bonds that can lead to long-term team success. Letting your employees get to know each other in an informal environment also lets people from different sectors meet if they normally would only interact by email. Plus it allows new employees the chance to get to know their new team.

Celebrate Victories, Small and Large

Letting employees know that their efforts and milestones are important to the company is a great way to make their hard work seem appreciated. When employees feel like they’re important as individuals and not just as laborers they’re more likely to take pride in what they do.

Make It A Learning Experience

Happy hour isn’t simply for cocktails with your work pals, it can also be used a valuable opportunity to offer unusual learning experiences. If your company works closely with others you might try a group happy hour so that both teams can learn more about what the other does. Not only can this foster better business relationships, but it can help your team work better with outside services.

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