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6 Cheese and Wine Pairings to Try This Weekend

Discover how to taste wine like a true sommelier with these simple tips.

Enjoy a glass of wine with friends at Basta Pasta!

This weekend, why not gather friends and family for a wine and cheese tasting party! Wine and cheese pairing is an ancient tradition that may seem intimidating but the payoff is more than worth it. Keep your event as casual or formal as you’d like. Your friends and family will love the unconventional event. Plus, if you still have room for more, why not try catering from Basta Pasta for a truly unforgettable evening.

Tomato Basil with Dry Rosé

With the weather warming up lighter wines like rosé’s are coming back out to play. The light, medium bodied wines are bright and acidic with just the right berry notes to pair with herbed, mild cheeses.

Muenster and Champagne

Heavy, mild muenster is a perfect match for the crisp effervescence of a medium bodied champagne. Thanks to the light apple and citrus flavors, champagne works well with almost any cheese.  

Pepper Jack and a White Blend

This spicy cheese needs a partner to mellow it out, and a white blend will do just the trick. With its medium body and notes of white fruit, a white blend allows this bold cheese to be the star of the show.

French Goat Cheese and Sauvignon Blanc

The subtle grassy notes of a French goat cheese play well with a wine that doesn’t overwhelm the palette. Which is why this dry, light bodied wine is the perfect match.  

Aged Cheese and Shiraz/Syrah

With an intense, savory flavor aged cheeses should be paired with a wine that is equally deep. Shiraz and Syrah are both decadent red wines with intense color and flavor. While Shiraz has notes of tobacco Syrah tends to lean to the herbal side.

Vermont Sharp Cheddar and Pinot Noir

Sharp, salty, and aged to perfection, Vermont sharp cheddar plays well with the dry, medium body of a Pinot Noir.  

Become A Wine Expert

Want to learn more about perfect wine pairings? Head to Basta Pasta to discover the wonderful world of wine.

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