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The 5 Essential Italian Herbs

Fresh herbs add flavor and texture to every great Italian dish!

Fresh herbs add flavor and texture to every great Italian dish!

Italian cuisine is frequently enjoyed all around the world. There are all sorts of herbs in Italian cooking that make dishes taste so delicious. In addition to adding immense flavor to a meal, Italian herbs provide several health benefits.


Basil, a fan favorite, is commonly associated with Italian cuisine. It brings an unbelievable freshness to any Italian dish. It goes extremely well with garlic, cheeses, and tomato. Many will argue that basil is what makes a Caprese salad so delectable. It also has antibacterial properties which make it an extremely healthy option.


This hardy herb pairs well with different preparations of meats and roasted vegetables. It is known for having a woody flavor. It is grown in abundance in Italy. The health benefits include antioxidants, calcium, and dietary fiber.


This is one of the few herbs that is actually considered to be more flavorful when it is in its dried form. Surprisingly, it is actually not commonly used in Italian cuisine compared to other herbs. However, it still provides a ton of flavor to dishes. Oregano’s health benefits include antioxidants, iron, Omega-3s, and iron.


In addition to basil, parsley is one of the most commonly used herbs in Italian cuisine. It is often used in pasta dishes, vegetable and seafood sauces, soups,  etc. It is a great complimentary herb because it used to tone down aggressive and spicy flavors. This is why it is frequently used with dishes that have garlic. Parsley is also great for your health because it has vitamins A, B, and C.


This herb has several benefits and therefore it is known as the “Miracle Herb”. It is frequently used for anti-inflammatory properties. It is also great for digestion. It can be found in Italian cooking in dishes like risotto, soups, and roasted meats.

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