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How to Pair Food & Wine Like a True Italian

Cheers to fresh food and old wine!

Cheers to fresh food and old wine!

If you are interested in putting some mangia in your Memorial Day weekend, these wine pairings and food pairings will ensure that everyone visiting your home knows you’re an expert in Italian cuisine!

A Balancing Act

First, remember that food and wine pairing is a balancing act. If you have a delicate food that you are pairing, don’t put it with an overpowering and bold wine. Instead, choose a mild and subtle wine that will do the trick perfectly. Serving something rich and creamy at your Memorial Day party? Place it with a crisp and bright white wine for a delicious Italian cuisine pairing.

Think of Wine as an Ingredient

Many people get tripped up during the wine pairing process because they think of wine as a drink on the side, not as an ingredient in the meal. When you are choosing which Italian cuisine to pair with a wine, think of the notes in the wine like ingredients in the dish. For example, pinot noir often has notes of cranberry and cherry. When choosing your food, think of a meat or dish that is typically made with cranberries and cherries. When you think of wine like an ingredient, it’s much easier to make effective wine pairings.

Think Regional

In order to seem like a true Italian cuisine professional, think regionally. Dishes from certain regions are designed to complement dishes that are also from those areas of the world. Coq au vin is from the Burgundy region of France, for example, so it pairs beautifully with red Burgundy wines that are made with pinot noir grapes. If you aren’t sure where your dish is from, look it up in a cookbook. Then, ask the professionals at your local winery or liquor store which wines are from that region.

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