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The Advantages of a Pescatarian Diet

Celebrate National Seafood Month with Basta Pasta!

Celebrate National Seafood Month with Basta Pasta!

You may have read about a variety of different diets that promise rapid weight loss, but not all of these options are healthy or safe. If you’re looking for a simple way to achieve better health, consider cutting poultry and red meat out of the equation. Discover how a pescatarian diet could improve your lifestyle!

Pescetarianism, Defined

Pescetarianism is one of the simplest diets out there because it relies heavily on seafood. You don’t have to cut bread or legumes out of your diet, and you can still enjoy a delicious plate of shrimp scampi. Essentially, pescatarians remove land animals from their diet. Chicken, beef, pork, and other poultry are not a part of a pescatarian diet.

Protein Packed

Protein is an essential nutrient, and it’s important to receive the recommended amount each day. Protein from fish and plants is far leaner than protein from red meat, which means consumers receive the benefits of protein without the fat typically involved.

Improve Mental Function

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for proper brain function. These acids, commonly found in fish, have been proven to reduce the negative effects of asthma, ADHD, depression, and joint pain. Eating a healthy diet has also been proven to reduce a person’s chance of developing memory loss.

Better Heart Health

Seafood has been proven to increase levels of nitric oxide in the body, which allows for blood to flow freely through the body. The American Heart Association has recommended that people eat fish at least twice a week.

It’s Easy to Eat Out

Certain diets make the process of eating out difficult, but pescetarianism doesn’t. Restaurants like Basta Pasta provide a variety of healthy and delicious pescatarian-approved meals that you’re sure to enjoy. Ask your server about the seafood options available to you!


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