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5 Reasons to Cater the Office Halloween Party

Get into the Halloween spirit and cater your next party with Basta Pasta!

Get into the Halloween spirit and cater your next party with Basta Pasta!

Halloween is right around the corner—have you planned out the catering for your office’s party yet? Hiring a caterer for your office Halloween party is the best way to focus on the fun instead of the food. Not convinced? Here are five reasons that you should order office catering from Basta Pasta for your Halloween party.

No More Spooky Potluck Dishes

An office potluck can be spooky whether it’s Halloween or Easter. You hired your employees for their experience and skills, not for their cooking ability, so the spread at a potluck can be a little bit horrific. Even if your employees are culinarily gifted, asking them to cook and bake after a long day at work feels like anything but recognizing their hard work.

A Versatile Menu

We’ve all seen the lists replied-all throughout offices across America begging employees to write their name next to the dish they will be bringing. The standard menu of 2 entrees, 3 sides, and 3 desserts gets so boring (and annoying). Office catering can give your Halloween party a flexible and interesting menu that can suit a broad range of dietary requirements with ease.

Save Some Money

Most offices assume that Halloween party catering from Basta Pasta is too expensive, but it is surprisingly affordable to leave the event in the hands of professionals. You won’t need to worry about purchasing all of the food, equipment, labor, and paper goods to make the Halloween party a fun affair. Instead, you can leave everything in our professional and capable hands and enjoy the delicious results.

Stress Less

Planning a Halloween party can be stressful, and hiring a caterer is a great way to lower your stress levels. The catering team at Basta Pasta will handle set-up, serving, cooking, and clean-up. Instead of scrambling around to get everything ready, you’ll be able to enjoy the party as an attendee.

The Skill of Experience

At Basta Pasta, we cater office parties every day of the week. As a result, we know exactly how much food to bring, how to prepare it, and the best serving method. When you tackle the Halloween party on your own, you’ll be pulling on guesswork instead of experience. Partnering with Basta Pasta ensures that you will always have plenty of food so that you can have plenty of fun.

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