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Carry Out From Basta Pasta: The Perfect End to a Busy Day

Basta Pasta Maryland

Who wouldn’t love the sight of Basta Pasta at the end of a long hard work week?

Man has it been a long week. There may be a long weekend coming up, but that doesn’t mean a stress-free weekend. Cookouts need food, and food needs cooks. The pool needs skimming and the yards needs trimming. Take some time out and treat yourself before this Fourth of July weekend with an easy evening of carry out from Basta Pasta Fallston.

Delicious Italian Dishes at Home

Carry out gives you the best of both worlds, great food and the comfort of your own home. You can watch whatever movie you want while eating your risotto milanese, or blast your favorite new summer jam while chowing down on fettuccine villa d’este with chicken. Just make sure you ask for a good wine recommendation from the knowledgeable staff before rushing home to catch the O’s.

Bring Dessert to the Cookout

Listen, everyone loves cannolis. That’s just a fact. Bringing some fresh cannolis from Basta Pasta might just make you the king of the Fourth of July cookout. If you read our post on the history of the cannoli, you’ll be able to drop some knowledge on all of your loyal subjects. Long live the cannoli king!

Basta Pasta is an Italian and Seafood Restaurant in Fallston

In 2004, Basta Pasta opened its doors to the public, and ever since has maintained the image and experience of casual Italian dining. In addition to fresh, delicious ingredients and recipes, the restaurant strives to uphold expert, attentive, and cordial service for its customers. Our Timonium location also features plenty of rooms for private parties and events. Enjoy a taste of Italy with hearty pasta dishes, endless salad and breadsticks, and fine wines right here in your hometown. For more information, click around our website.

Want to learn more about our wine selection? Need to get in touch with one of our locations? Here is some basic contact information for both:

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