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How are Champagne and Sparking White Wine Different

sparkling white wine

What’s in that glass? Champagne or sparkling white wine?

While sparkling white wine and champagne both bubble and they have a certain irresistible freshness and trademark “pop” when opened, their differences definitely outweigh their similarities. In fact, there are a few key reasons why sparkling white wine and champagne are fundamentally different. Read on to learn more.

Real Champagne Comes From France

Champagne, is more than just a fancy sounding name. It is actually named for the region in France where it is grown, fermented, cultivated, and bottled: Champagne, France. According to European law, the only kind of wine that is allowed to legally be called Champagne have to have been bottled within 100 miles of this region.

Champagne’s Flavor Sets It Apart

Champagne is made from special grapes grown in a favorably mild climate from mineral rich and chalky soil. This creates grapes with a truly one of a kind flavor. While numerous varieties of grapes are grown in Champagne, only a handful of them can be used to produce Champagne. These grapes are:


-Pinot Noir

-Petit Meslier


-Pinot Gris

-Pinot Blanc

While the ratios vary, roughly 90% of all blended Champagnes use ⅔ red and ⅓ Chardonnay grapes. These ratios are based on the structure, body, aroma, delicacy, fruitiness, and complexity of the grapes. The best Champagne has all of these characteristics perfectly balanced. This is what often makes it so much more expensive than sparkling white wine.

What Makes Sparkling White Wine

Sparkling white wine is produced all over the world. Each country has a distinct version of making its own which put different emphasis on methodology, bubble size, and fruitiness. Some popular sparkling white wines from around the world include:

-Sekt: A German sparkling white wine

-Prosecco: A popular Italian sparkling white wine

-Cava: Sparkling white wine from Spain

-American sparkling wine: Has almost endless varieties and flavors

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