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The History of Focaccia

classic Italian recipes

Foccia is just one of many great Italian styles of bread.

Focaccia bread is one of the most irresistible classic italian recipes. It was first made popular in Italy and then travelled wherever Italian settlers formed communities, all over the world. Focaccia bread is usually flat and relatively plain, which makes it highly versatile. It is often topped with olive oil and herbs or sliced olives traditionally, but there are numerous modern takes on this delicious treat. It goes great with delicious Italian cheese. To learn more about the history of Focaccia, read on.

The Birth Of Focaccia

Many historians believe that focaccia was born with either the Etruscans of North Central Italy in the days before the Roman Empire, or long before that in Ancient Greece at the beginning of the first millennium. However, flat unleavened bread has been popular throughout the world, especially the middle east, for so long that definitively saying who invented focaccia is impossible, but it does have a long history in Turkey, Italy, Greece, France, and Spain.  

Early Focaccia

While the original focaccia was unleavened, the recipe does rise naturally in the right climate and geographic climate the bread rises on its own. This has led many to believe that it was initially made as we know it today by those in the mountainous inland Mediterranean area.  

What’s In A Name?

The name of this tasty bread is derived from the Roman words “panis focacius.” This simply translates to fireplace bread or center bread. Linguists believe that this refers to how the bread was originally made, over the ashes of a fireplace in the center of early homes.  

The Spread Of Focaccia

Romans took the recipe with them through France and Spain and throughout their empire. Since the medieval era, the Roman Catholic Church has used this bread commonly during their religious festivals. And of course, 20th century Italian immigrants to the US brought their recipes with them, leading to the popularity of many classic italian recipes and traditions.  

Delicious Classic Italian Recipes from Basta Pasta

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