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Herbs for Italian Cuisine


Italian cuisine is known for its distinct flavor profile and specific ingredients. One way to distinguish Italian cuisine from other dishes is through the herbs that are used. Herbs that are most commonly found throughout Italian cuisine include the following:


  • Basil- This is herb is probably the most associated with Italian cuisine. Basil is most commonly used in creating pesto while also being paired with tomatoes. Basil is known for its anise flavor.
  • Bay leaf- Either used fresh or dried, bay leaves are best used in creating stock for soups and stews.
  • Marjoram- This herb tastes similar to oregano, but only milder. Marjoram is used most often to season seafood and meat dishes.
  • Mint- There is a large number of different types of mint. While some mint may taste sweet and light, others taste spicy and hot. Mint can be commonly substituted with basil.
  • Oregano- This herb is another Italian herb that is commonly paired with tomatoes. Southern Italy tends to use oregano within their cooking.
  • Parsley- While basil is most commonly associated with Italian cuisine, parsley is actually used more often in the cuisine. This herb can be used within Italian cuisine or to garnish dishes once completed.
  • Rosemary- This herb has a more pine aroma and stronger flavor and should only be used in cooking dishes. The herb is in a needle form that needs to soften over time to season the dish. It should also be used very limited to ensure the flavor isn’t overpowering.



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