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History Behind the Holy Cannoli


Cannoli are delicious!

The Cannolo, or little tube, is Italy’s best-known Sicilian pastry dish. It consists of a fried tube-shaped shell and is filled with a sweet cheese cream filling. Cannoli are a truly timeless dessert that will usher you back into the heart of ancient Sicily.


Origin Story


The traditional cannoli originated in the Sicilian city of Palermo. It is believed that the cannoli’s filling originated with the Saracens, an ancient Arabic peoples, when they brought sugar cane to region. Cannoli were once referred to by the Sicilians as Cappeli de Turchi, or Turkish hats. The pastry was made specifically for the Carnivale, a festive season before lent with parades and masquerades not unlike Mardi Gras. For festival goers the cannoli became a symbol of fertility.


Cannoli Variations


Immigrant Italians in America during the early 1900’s made adaptions to the original cannoli concept due to a limited availability of certain ingredients, and as such modern cannoli can have quite a few variations.


A great cannoli’s shell provides texture while the cream filling imbues its sweet flavor. The filling in cannoli traditionally consists of ricotta, but mascarpone is also sometimes used or a combination of both. In Sicily fresh sheep’s milk is used to make the ricotta. The cheese is sweetened with sugar and often flavored with vanilla, honey or a small amount of cinnamon.


A wide variety of additives are common in modern cannoli to create unique flavors and textures. Chopped pistachios, almonds, chocolate chips, and candied orange peel or pumpkin are frequent additions.


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