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Matching Wines with Sauces: A Guide

matching wines with sauces

Ever wonder which wine to serve with a particular Italian sauce?

Food and wine is one of the most classic combinations in western cuisine. However, there’s more too to it than just slapping a random bottle next to some chicken cacciatore and calling it a pairing. If the world of wine seems a little daunting, take a look at this handy guide to the best  sauce pairings for some common types of wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine has the primary flavor of rich black currants, but can have other overtones such as blackberry and mint. Cabernets are a delicious and heart wine best paired with tomato based red sauces.  

Italian Chianti

This strong and bold red is a perfect match for equally bold sauces that are well seasoned. While it pairs the best with tomato based sauces, it works well with sauces based from cream and oil as well.


Merlot is a very mellow red, which sets it apart from other red wines. Its flavors include plum, orange, black cherry, and violets. It’s best with tomato based sauces.

Pinot Noir

This versatile light red wine has flavors which include earth, leather, vanilla, and jam. It goes well with a variety of dishes in tomato, oil, and cream sauces.


This white wine can be semi-sweet or sour, light or heady. It all depends on where it’s made. It goes best with cream or oil based sauces or light tomato based sauces.


Riesling can be sweet or dry, depending on where it’s grown (either Germany or California). Like most white wines, it pairs best with cream or oil based sauces.    

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