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What is Family Style Dining?

family style dining

You’ve probably gone to a restaurant that serves food family style without even knowing it.

You have definitely heard the term family style dining before, and you have almost certainly done it, but many people aren’t sure exactly what family style dining is. In America, it is frequently called casual dining instead of family style dining.  Family style dining at restaurants like Basta Pasta involves moderately priced entrees, tableside service, non-disposable dishes, and a great time for the whole family. The ambience is typically warm, comfortable, and inviting.

What Makes a Restaurant Family Style?

Casual dining is anything existing in the area between fast food and fine dining. Family style dining restaurants typically have a menu that is not too expensive and not too cheap, table service as opposed to counter service, and a full bar that is separate from the dining room. Many popular restaurants and chains have family style dining because it works well for many types of cuisine and many different neighborhoods.

How Does Service Work in a Family Style Restaurant?

Traditional family style dining serves food on large platters. Diners take their own portion of food and serve themselves before passing it to the next diner. Now you can see where family style dining got its name—this is the way that many families eat around the dinner table every night of the week! Family style dining has evolved to encompass many more types of serving styles. Today, it is common to have family style restaurants serve entrees that are plated individually in addition to platters or large bowls of other items, so families and groups can choose what works best for them. Sometimes, individual entrees are ordered and additional meal components like appetizers, bread, or salads will be served family style. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be family to go to a family style restaurant, though you may feel like family by the end!

Enjoy Family Style Dining at Basta Pasta

For over 12 years, Basta Pasta has been providing Marylanders with delicious Italian specials cooked from fresh, delicious, high-quality ingredients. Enjoy a taste of classic Italian food with spectacular pasta dishes, unlimited salad and breadsticks, and sumptuous fine wines. To make a reservation at our Timonium location, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 308-0838. To make a reservation at our Fallston location, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 692-5200. To find out more about our menu, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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