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Pairing Wine and Dessert

Wine-DessertWine is one of the more favored beverages to be paired with an Italian dinner. While many can easily pair their wines with their dinners, some are not always sure how to pair their desserts with their wine. It is important to remember that in Italy, dessert is served with wine, not with tea or coffee like in the United States. The one rule to remember when pairing your dessert with your wine is to choose a darker wine with a darker dessert. There are also three main factors that go into choosing your wine to pair with your dessert. These factors include:

  • Sweetness- The wine you serve should taste sweeter than the dessert you are pairing it with.
  • Acidity- Wines that have a higher level acidity should be paired with desserts that have a natural acidity.
  • Intensity- The higher intensity of your dessert, the higher intensity of your wine.


There are also three different dessert categories to consider when pairing your wines with your dessert. These categories are:

  • Vanilla and Custards- These desserts typically have a light flavor that should be paired with white and sparkling wines.
  • Spices and Fruits- The typical fruits in this category include apples with a cinnamon spice. Pair these flavors with white wines and pink champagnes.
  • Chocolates and Caramels- These rich dessert flavors should be paired with the richer flavors of red wines and ports.


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