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A Short History of Tipping


Ever wonder why tipping is a part of American culture and not others?

While tipping the waiter is something that seems like an innate part of American culture, it actually didn’t start here. Tipping is a custom that the wealthy and well travelled adopted after visiting Europe and seeing them do it. Tipping actually started in the United States right after the Civil War. After seeing people tip servers in Europe, rich Americans mimicked it to show off how educated and sophisticated they were.   

The Early Days of Tipping

Tipping may have started in the taverns of 17th Century England. Drinkers would slip money to wait staff “to insure promptitude.” This is what T.I.P stands for. When it started to become popular in America, there was a strong movement against it. This movement occurred in the 1890’s because many Americans thought that tipping was anti-American as it promoted a servile class that had to smile in order to maintain their financial dependence on a higher class.

The Movement Against Tipping

The movement against tipping gained notices from The New York Times in the late 1890’s, as people railed against tipping for what it implied. According to this group, tipping created a clear aristocratic class in American society, which went against everything young America stood for and had fought for. They wanted to escape the class driven society of the old world. In 1915, six state legislators actually fought to end tipping by passing an anti-tipping bill that would make leaving gratuities illegal. These states were South Carolina, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. The bill did not pass in a single state.     

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