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Who Invented the Tiramisu?


Part two of our dessert history series: Tiramisu.

If cannoli is the best Italian dessert, tiramisu is a close second. Well, maybe it’s more of a 1A and 1B type of thing. While they’re both delicious, tiramisu has the more interesting origin story by far. It’s a tale of two men claiming the title of originator of the tiramisu, with one of them living right in Baltimore City. Let’s run down the mystery of just who invented the tiramisu.

Veneto, Italy

Back in the 1960s a man named Roberto Linguanotto owned the restaurant Le Beccherie in Veneto, a region of northeast Italy. Linguanotto and his apprentice Francesca Valori claim they created the tiramisu while working at the restaurant. They named it “Tiramisu” because Valori’s maiden name was Francesca Tiramisu. The restaurant still stands, and Linguanotto and Valori’s claim to originator of the tiramisu is widely accepted.  

Treviso Near Venice

In nearby Treviso, Carminantonio Iannaccone ran a bakery. The confectioner claims that during the 1960s his bakery supplied desserts to Le Beccherie, and that it was he who created the original tiramisu. As noted in an article from the Baltimore Sun in 2006, Iannaccone did not have anyone to back up his claim or any physical proof since it had been so long and he had since relocated to Baltimore. Iannaccone now runs a bakery in Baltimore where he continues to make highly regarded tiramisu. Whether it’s the original or not, though, is still up for discussion.

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