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Stress Less with Casual Italian Restaurants Like Basta Pasta

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Take a breath and unwind at Basta Pasta.

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and what better way to de-stress than with the ultimate comfort food — Italian. Think about all the melty, cheesy goodness and the delightfully sinful carb overload of a pizza or pasta dish, and the obvious health benefits of a good glass of wine. Not to mention the best part, you don’t have to cook or clean up. Sounds pretty nice, right? Relieve some tension during Stress Awareness Month by choosing the best of the best casual Italian restaurants: Basta Pasta.

The Ultimate Feel-Good Italian Food

Harris Poll recently conducted a survey in which they interviewed 2,252 adults about the way stress and eating coincide. Over half (53%) of respondents said they eat when they’re stressed, and two-thirds (67%) turn to their favorite comfort food as a pick-me-up. Guess what the top answer was when Harris Poll asked Americans what their favorite comfort food was? Pizza. Pizza led the voting by a landslide, doubling up second-place finishers chocolate and ice cream (7% each) at 15%. And there’s no shame at all in indulging every now and then, because 66% also said that they don’t feel guilty after going to town on their favorite foods.

Grab a Seat, Take a Load Off

We know that day to day life in modern America is inevitably stressful. That’s why we do everything we can to provide you with a stress-free dining experience when you step into one of our two casual Italian restaurants. No need to spend hours slaving over a hot stove, maybe even while trying to watch the kids, only to have a few minutes to sit down and eat before you have to get back up and do all the dishes. Stop by Basta Pasta and we’ll take care of you, start to finish. Leave the stress at the door.

Enjoy Italian Seafood Dishes At Basta Pasta

In 2004, Basta Pasta opened its doors to the public, and ever since has maintained the image and experience of casual Italian dining. In addition to fresh, delicious ingredients and recipes, the restaurant strives to uphold expert, attentive, and cordial service for its customers. Our Timonium location also features plenty of rooms for private parties and events. Enjoy a taste of Italy with hearty pasta dishes, endless salad and breadsticks, and fine wines right here in your hometown. For more information, visit our website.

Want to learn more about our wine selection? Need to get in touch with one of our locations? Here is some basic contact information for both:

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