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Our Input to the Age-Old Debate: How Do You Eat A Slice of Pizza?


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We must have some sort of authority in this conversation since we’re an Italian restaurant, right? Let’s pretend that we do. The debate has raged on for ages. To fold or not to fold, to fork-and-knife it or to dive in hands first? While there is no wrong way to eat a slice of pizza (except maybe those crazies who go crust-first), here’s our opinion on the best way to attack a pizza pie.

The Classic Approach

Ever since pizza was first created by dock workers in the port town of Naples, Italy, it has been a classically pedestrian food. By far the most common way of eating a slice of pizza, the pick-up-and-chow-down method offers efficiency and ease of access from pie to pie-hole. Stemming from the classic pick-up approach is “the fold.” As pizza moved to America, it grew in popularity and in size, slices became greasier and floppier, and handling a piece from plate to mouth became increasingly treacherous. This got to the point where the slice could no longer support its own weight, and amends had to be made. Hence was born the fold. Folding both increases efficiency in deliciousness-per-bite ratio and stabilizes the slice. This is another commonly accepted practice with which we have no problems. The proper grip on the fold is another whole conversation for a another time.

Alternative Methods

Let’s start here with the fork-and-knife method. Perhaps the most hotly contested question in the world of Italian cuisine: Is it acceptable to eat pizza with a fork and a knife? We say yes, but there are stipulations. You have to be ready and willing to accept any and all mockery that may be directed at you when you pick up your silverware. We know that there are occasions when cleanliness and politeness are high-priority, and eating with silverware rather than your hands is, we suppooose, more polite and clean. Other alternative methods include “the dip,” “the roll-up,” and “the crust-first.”

Whatever your approach may be, as long as you have a slice of pizza in front of you, you’re doing something right. If you feel inclined to stop by Basta Pasta for a slice of our special Frutti di Mare pizza or any of our other pizza-y creations, we’ll be happy to continue the debate with you.

Enjoy a Slice Your Way at Basta Pasta

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