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Take an Italian Dessert to Christmas Dinner

Italian cuisine

Cannoli, the most classic Italian dessert.

Italian cuisine is famous for its rich and sumptuous flavor, and its desserts are no exception. While these tasty treats vary from region to region, many are known world wide. If you want to bring something truly delightful to Christmas dinner consider some of these delicious desserts, which are true Italian cuisine gems.


This sweet bread loaf from Milan is one of the most popular Italian holiday exports. The original recipe has eggs, butter, flour, raisins, sugar, candied orange and citron, lemon peel, and vanilla. However there have been numerous twists on it throughout the years, some utilizing different kinds of cream and even chocolate.


Literally meaning ‘golden bread,’ this Christmas classic is from the Italian city of Verona. This mountain of baked goodness is traditionally shaped like an 8 pointed star and dusted with icing sugar and vanilla so it looks like the Italian Alps.  


These traditionally Neapolitan deep-fried dough balls are roughly the size of chickpeas. While they are hot, they are topped with honey and orange rind and decorated with colorful sprinkles. This dessert is ideal for groups.  


This Christmas delight is a must have from Palermo, Sicily. These round sponge cakes are filled with ricotta cheese cream, sugar, candied peel, and bits of chocolate. There are often decorated with marzipan and candied citrus fruits.


This cake is eaten on both easter and Christmas and made with a blend of Ricotta cheese, wheat, candied fruits, and orange water in a sweet shortcrust pastry. It is then served with ice sugar on top.  


This Italian cuisine dessert staple dates back hundreds of years, to the 13th century. This fruit and nut cake is aromatic and delicious due to ground cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.


These doughnut shaped Neapolitan hard biscuits are filled with almonds and orange peel and zest. As these treats are quite hard, people often drink them with limoncello or other sweet liqueur and dip them in the drink to make them easier to consume.

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