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Welcome Fall with 5 Food and Wine Pairings

Welcome fall at Basta Pasta!Welcome fall at Basta Pasta!

Welcome fall at Basta Pasta!

Fall is an absolutely amazing season for foodies. Don’t let the explosion of pumpkin on every shelf fool you; there are tons of amazing fruits and vegetables that come into season in the fall (psst, this includes wine grapes). Here are some great seasonal food and wine pairings you can try out now and then wow your guests with for the holidays.


Nothing says fall like apple picking and warm apple cider because late summer and early fall are when apples are at their best. If your taste in apple products runs sweet, like turnovers and pies, consider a sweet Vouvray. For a nice appetizer option, consider a simple sliced apple and cheese tray, paired with a fruity gewürztraminer.


Pears may seem like the less popular cousin to apples, but they are still very delicious in both sweet and savory dishes. Try out a medley recipe like pears roasted with pistachios and apricots, or blue cheese and prosciutto wrapped pears. Pair these with a wine that balances sweetness and acidity, like Sauternes.


There is so much more to this amazing fruit than just the well-known cookie. Figs are delicious raw or cooked in a variety of dishes. They make a great tart, are excellent over a salad (try them roasted or dried), and even pair well with goat cheese on a pizza or in a panini. However, you try figs, pair them with a tawny port.


Mushrooms are available in your grocery store year-round, of course, but many varieties of wild mushrooms appear in the fall. Mushrooms are amazing raw or grilled, or even cooked into soup or risotto. If you’re trying grilled mushrooms, layer them on garlic toast and pair them with an unoaked Chardonnay, like Chablis, or a sparkling Champagne. If you’re opting for a rich soup or risotto, try a Rioja.


There is such an overwhelming trend of pumpkin, that we almost didn’t mention this one, but it is a really amazing seasonal veggie. Pumpkin is a great flavor on its own, so put aside the ubiquitous pumpkin-spiced flavor trend, and try the actual veggie.  Consider trying roasted pumpkin seeds as a topping on salads or bread. Or give pumpkin stuffed ravioli a try. For these salty or savory pumpkin treats, pair a lighter, more acidic viognier. If your pumpkin tastes run sweeter, go for an aromatic Viognier, or even a barrel-aged port.


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