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6 Classic Italian Coffee Beverages

Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day!

There is nothing quite like getting up on a cool fall morning and wrapping your hands around a warm mug of fresh, delicious coffee. But sometimes we want more than the same old, same old cup of brewed coffee, and if there is one place that knows a thing or two about coffee it is Italy. This National Coffee Day, discover six classic Italian coffee beverages that you should consider adding to your rotation.

Caffe Latte

In America, we are pretty comfortable just calling this drink a latte, but in Italy, that word will get you a glass of milk. The Caffe Latte is a milk and espresso drink similar to the cappuccino. It is 1/3 espresso and about 2/3 milk with very little foam. Like the cappuccino, this is traditionally a morning drink.

Caffe al Ginseng

This delicious coffee drink is similar to a chai latte, with a strong nutty flavor. Since the espresso is prepared with ginseng extract it is a natural energy boost and also naturally sweet.


This is not the Starbucks item you know. An Italian macchiato is like a cappuccino that has gone back to its espresso roots. It is an espresso served with a very small amount of hot milk (like a drop or two) and it is served in a small espresso cup. It isn’t as milky or frothy as a cappuccino and it serves as a perfect, small pick-me-up.


If mocha is more your cup of tea, consider the maroccino as your next Italian coffee adventure. In Alessandria, it is usually a shot of espresso, a layer of foam, and a sprinkle of cocoa powder in a glass mug that is also dusted with cocoa, and it is slightly milkier than a macchiato. In northern Italy, it is a mix of thick hot chocolate and espresso with a layer of foam on the top.


On a hot day, this is a cool choice (especially if you don’t have any Italian soda around). The drink is made from chilled espresso that is poured over ice and shaken. The shaking process needs to be vigorous enough to create a froth so that you get a delicious, cool frothy coffee without any milk.

Caffe d’Orzo

If caffeine is your main reason for enjoying coffee, this 100% naturally caffeine-free coffee is not for you. However, subbing this in for your daily decaf could be an exciting change. It is really delicious served with a slice of orange and dessert.


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