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10 Types of Italian Wine To Try With Dinner

What is your favorite Italian wine?

What is your favorite Italian wine?

Looking for the perfect wine to go along with your pasta dish? Here are ten types of Italian Wine that you must try with your next meal!

Red Italian Wine

  1. Amarone: This wine is made from partially dried Corvina grapes. It’s full-bodied, rich in flavor and more on the dry side but has a hint of sweetness from its ripe fruitiness. It pairs well with more savory foods and flavorful cheeses.
  2. Barbera: A wine produced in the Piedmont region, Barbera is dry, light bodied, and has a strong berry flavor. As far as a food pairing, it is pretty versatile, pairing well with most foods.
  3. Lambrusco: For those who like sweeter wines, Lambrusco is a good choice. It is a fizzy wine with dry and sparkling varieties as well. It has a really nice grape flavor. It goes great with cold meats and pizza.
  4. Salice Salentino: A dry, full-bodied wine that has flavors of ripe, baked fruit. It has a rich texture and pairs well with robust foods and pasta.
  5. Valpolicella: This is a medium bodied, dry Italian wine with strong cherry flavors. It pairs well with grilled meats and spaghetti.

White Italian Wine

  1. Asti: This is a sparkling wine and it’s a type of Moscato, making it one of the sweetest wines listed here. It has a low alcohol content and consists of fruity, floral flavors. This is a great dessert wine.
  2. Gavi: A dry, medium-bodied wine that is typically crisp in flavor. It contains many different flavors elements including that of honey and apples. It pairs well with shellfish dishes.  
  3. Orvieto: This medium-bodied wine is both dry and crisp. It has pear and apple flavors with a somewhat bitter aftertaste.
  4. Pinot Grigio: Getting its name from the Pinot Gris grapes it’s made from, Pinot Grigio is a dry, crisp wine that is pretty light bodied.
  5. Soave: This is a dry, crisp wine that is also light bodied. Unlike a lot of the other wines, this one has some pear and peach flavors, along with some apple as well.

Come Wine With Us!  

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