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5 Must-Try Italian Cheeses

What's your favorite Italian cheese?

What’s your favorite Italian cheese?

There is something about sprinkling parmesan onto your favorite pizzas and pasta that just is so satisfying. What about the other types of cheese that you may never even have heard of? There are so many Italian cheeses that you must take the time to try. Here are just a few!

Asiago Cheese

Made in the mountains at an altitude of over 600 meters, it is no wonder asiago cheese is so highly ranked. It is made from cow’s milk and can be eaten either fresh, for a smooth, sweeter taste, or aged, for more of a bold flavor. It is from the regions of Trentino and the Veneto.

Mascarpone Cheese  

This Italian cheese is from Lombardy and is a very thick one. It contains only cream and citric acid. Because of the cream, this type of cheese has a whipped texture and a mild flavor. It is found in both savory and sweet dishes, ranging from risotto to tiramisu and even served with fresh strawberries.

Mozzarella Cheese

This cheese gets its soft, silky texture from the spinning and cutting process used in its production. There are varieties made from cow’s milk and buffalo’s milk. Mozzarella cheese came from Campania and Southern Lazio. It is commonly deep fried and also used for caprese salad.

Pecorino Cheese

This is an italian cheese that Rome uses as a substitute for parmigiano. It is made from sheep’s milk and has an intense taste. There are a few varieties, some being more salty and others giving off a more zesty flavor. Pecorino cheese is good to eat at the end of your meal with something sweet like honey of fresh fruit. It can also be grated over various pasta dishes.

Ricotta Cheese

This is one of Italy’s most versatile cheeses. It can be made from sheep, goat, buffalo, and cow’s milk. This cheese is cooked slightly and has a softer, grainy texture. You can find ricotta cheese in savory pasta dishes and even some desserts like cannoli.

Get Cheesy

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