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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Italian Cuisine

Discover the amazing health benefits of Italian cuisine!

Discover the amazing health benefits of Italian cuisine!

When it comes to Italian cuisine, many people will think of carbs and cheese. This flies in the face of some of our most popular fad diets and nutritional trends, but at the end of the day, Italian cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine. Many types of Mediterranean cuisines are associated with fresh and healthy ingredients, healthier fats, and antioxidant ingredients. Enjoy the health benefits of Italian cuisine while feeling nourished. Next time you’re in the mood for Italian food, consider these five health benefits of Italian cuisine.


Fresh ingredients are crucial in many traditional Italian dishes. Tomatoes, spinach, seafood, and garlic are staples in this cuisine, which leads to food with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, and tons of fresh produce that will leave you feeling nourished. No matter your diet, most can agree: fresh is best.

Heart Healthy Ingredients

Keeping an eye on heart health? It’s not all about melted cheese and carbs. Olive oil and seafood are staples in Mediterranean cuisine, and these both contain essential omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated fats, which promote a healthy heart. We can’t think of a better reason to enjoy a delicious Italian seafood dish this week!

Avoid Over-Processed Foods

If you’re keeping an eye on what you’re eating, you’re probably avoiding processed foods and snacks. Luckily, most ingredients in Italian food are minimally processed. Authentic Mediterranean cuisine relies on fresh produce, herbs, pasta and oils that are not heavily processed and bring big flavor to any dish.

Great Sources of Fiber

Many key ingredients in Italian cuisine are excellent sources of fiber. Fresh pasta, produce, and legumes that you can find in any great Italian soup, pasta, or seafood dish contain abundant fiber. This will benefit your digestive system and give you essential nutrients for a healthy diet. By eating a diet rich in fiber, you can even better maintain your blood sugar levels and reduce bad cholesterol.


You may have heard the saying that wine and sauce are great antioxidants. There’s actually truth to this–many key ingredients in authentic Italian cuisine are great sources of antioxidants like beta-carotene, selenium, and Vitamins A, C, and E. Getting enough of these nutrients can help detoxify your body, and studies even suggest they can help remove radical particles from the body that may be linked to disease and carcinogens.


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