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How to Make the Perfect Caprese Salad

Discover how to make the perfect caprese with tips from Basta Pasta.

Discover how to make the perfect Caprese with tips from Basta Pasta.

A traditional Caprese salad may only require three main ingredients, but the dish is incredibly complex. Each aspect of the dish needs to be fresh and delicious in order for the salad to work; one bad tomato could ruin the entire Caprese. Discover how to make the perfect Caprese with tips from Basta Pasta.

Start with the Tomatoes

During the summertime, the perfect Caprese is easy to assemble. Tomatoes grow plentiful on the East Coast, and they’re often rich in color and taste. However, now that we’re well into October here in Maryland, a good tomato can be hard to come by.  You can unlock a lot of flavor from tomatoes by roasting them first with sugar, thyme, and garlic.

Then the Mozzarella

A milky, delicious mozzarella is the glue that holds the Caprese salad together. Settling for a bland mozzarella could compromise the entire dish, so it’s important to choose a quality cheese. Basta Pasta makes our genuine Italian mozzarella from scratch, and we take the time to stretch and shape it to the perfect shape. Consider tearing the mozzarella rather than slicing it, as it’s easier to spread throughout a family-style salad.

Now for the Basil

If the mozzarella holds the Caprese together, then the basil makes it stand out from the crowd. Basil, a bright and pungent herb, is a relatively inexpensive ingredient so you can use it to taste! Combined with fresh tomatoes and delicious cheese, basil creates an irresistible and beautiful dish!

Salt, Pepper, and More

Once you’ve crafted your perfect Caprese, add a few spices to taste. Salt, pepper, and oregano add texture and taste to the Caprese. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way, you don’t want to take the taste away from the main event!

Enjoy Authentic Italian Cuisine at Basta Pasta

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