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5 Reasons to Eat Dinner with the Family This Weekend

This weekend, take your family out to dinner at Basta Pasta!

This weekend, take your family out to dinner at Basta Pasta!

It’s hard to believe that May is almost here. Life today is so busy that time seems to fly by. Unfortunately, this also often means less time to connect with the people we care about the most. One great way to connect with family is over a meal, so here are 5 great reasons to sit down to dinner with your family this weekend.

Better Grades

Reports have shown that kids who regularly eat family dinners do better in school. This is likely due to having more time to connect with parents and siblings and discuss the events of the day. There has long been an established link between parental interest in school activities and the actual school performance, and family dinner is a great time to sit down and show that interest.

Healthier Meals

Sitting down to a freshly cooked family meal is a healthier choice and can lead to healthier lifelong habits. Studies have shown the teens who eat dinners with their families are more likely to consume fruits and vegetables and less likely to consume soda. Kids who eat with their families are also more likely to make healthier meal choices. 

Greater Family Happiness

Eating family meals together can lead to better family relationships. The meal provides daily time for the family to connect and strengthen their bonds. In younger children, eating meals together regularly provides a sense of stability and security, and even older children report that the best part of family dinner is having time to talk to their families.

Lower Stress

Spending time connecting with your family can actually help you manage the other stressful parts of your life better. Studies have shown that sitting down to dinner is especially effective for working moms, helping them to relieve the tension of the hours spent in the office.

Explore New Foods

Eating family meals together offers a great chance to help your kids explore new foods, and the more open to new tastes they are, the more likely they are to have a wide, diverse, healthy palate. Kids are more likely to willingly experiment with different cuisines when everyone is eating together. And if you make it a special treat, like going out to a restaurant such as Basta Pasta, they may be even more likely to try new tastes and flavors.


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