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You Can Order Basta Pasta Crab Cakes Online!

Now you can enjoy Basta Pasta crab cakes from the comfort of your own home!

Maryland may know a thing or two about crabs, but Basta Pasta has perfected the crab cake! Our signature recipe has gained us a reputation throughout the state, and we’re now happy to offer our delicious crab cakes online.

Basta Pasta Crab Cakes

For over a decade, the Basta Pasta team has been working tirelessly to produce the most flavorful, authentic Italian dishes in the Baltimore area. We take great pride in creating delicious meals for our customers in every Basta Pasta location, from Fallston to Timonium. Our crab cakes have received such positive attention throughout the area, that we’ve decided to start selling them online. Now you can enjoy Baltimore’s favorite crab cake at the comfort of your own home!

Local Maryland Crab

Every crab cake that we ship out is crafted from the finest local Maryland crab. We prepare each cake in-house using our family recipe and we provide you with detailed cooking instructions to ensure that you enjoy a true Basta Pasta crab cake at your own dining room table.

Ordering Crab Cakes

To order your Basta Pasta crab cakes, simply visit the Buy Crab Cakes portion of our website. You will see the option to select your preferred amount of cakes, four being the minimum amount. Once you’ve placed your order, head over to the “cart” in the upper right-hand side of the page to complete your order. All Basta Pasta crab cakes are shipped to your home through FedEx Express Overnight, so you can expect your order the next day!

Order Basta Pasta Crab Cakes Online!

For over 12 years, Basta Pasta has been providing Marylanders with delicious Italian specials cooked from fresh, delicious, high-quality ingredients. Enjoy a taste of classic Italian food with spectacular pasta dishes, unlimited salad and breadsticks, and sumptuous fine Italian wines. To make a reservation at our Timonium, Fallston, Perry Hall, or Eldersburg location, contact us online or give us a call at the location-specific phone number listed here. To find out more about our menu, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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