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Create Date Night With Italian Cuisine

Italian-Cuisine-Date-NightNothing says romance like Italian cuisine so why not make your next date night extra special with a traditional Italian dinner date?

Staying at home for a date doesn’t have to be boring, there are so many ways to make date night exciting even if you never leave your front door. Planning a theme date night – like Italian night – can be a lot of fun for both you and your partner, but can also be significantly cheaper and less stressful than an evening out.

Spaghetti, bruschetta, gnocchi, cannelloni, and of course gelato are just a few of the many finger-licking good dishes Italian cuisine has to offer. You and your partner could take hours creating your perfect menu for the date night from the hundreds of Italian cuisine dishes.

Whether you cook for the date night at home or order it through Italian cuisine experts, the night is bound to be a success. But why stop at food? Don’t forget that Italian cuisine is nothing without its partner in crime – vino (or wine).

Wine is another essential for a successful Italian date night. Pair different wines with different courses and you’ve not only got a guaranteed good time tasting the Italian cuisine, but also tasting the different wines of Italy.

Typically in Italian meals there are five courses with three main meals. It of course starts with a small appetizer, often a selection of meats and cheeses or bruschetta. Then Italians eat a primi courses, which is typically pasta based. After the primi, is the secondi course which consists of meat or seafood dishes. After you’re all full on pasta and meat move on to the contorni course which is typically vegetables or something lighter. Finally the meal closes with a dessert and a cup of caffe or espresso (never cappuccino after noon to keep it traditional Italian).

To round up your Italian date night, watch a classic Italian film like “The Godfather.”

The combination of traditional Italian cuisine, wine, and the perfect movie choice is sure to have your partner saying that’s amore” by the end of the evening.

Visit Basta Pasta to pick out your perfect meal for your Italian date night – we offer two locations and online reservations! Need to get in touch with one of our locations? Here is some contact information for both:

Timonium Location- 60 W Timonium Road, 410-308-0838

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