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The Health Benefits of Seafood


When it comes to Italian cuisine, Basta Pasta offers a wide variety of menu options to transport you to the Italian countryside. Many of our guests arrive at our restaurant with only one thing in mind, seafood. Our seafood menu holds something for everyone, and comes with some benefits as well. While many people enjoy seafood because of its diverse flavors, they never realize some of the health benefits that come with consuming seafood on healthy level.


  1. Salmon- Out of all the fish options available in seafood, salmon is known to be the healthiest. Salmon is known as an excellent source of protein, amino acids, omega 3, fatty acids, and plenty of vitamins. Because of this, salmon has been linked to many health benefits from weight loss to healthy organ function.
  2. Shrimp- While shrimp often times receives a poor reputation compared to other seafood options; shrimp can offer their own benefits. Shrimp is a great source of zinc, protein, and vitamin D, which makes it helpful in weight loss. Shrimp also contains the mineral selenium, which aids in cancer prevention.
  3. Scallops- While not as popular as other seafood options, scallops contain a great amount of vitamin B12. This vitamin is essential in maintaining a healthy heart, which makes scallops a great way to help your cardiovascular health and functions.
  4. Crab-Crab holds many of the same health benefits as other seafood options, but without the risk of being exposed to mercury. Crabs are low calorie while still containing plenty of protein and vitamins.


Seafood holds many health benefits when consumed, but only when consumed in a balanced diet. Eating too much or too little of a specific food item can be harmful to your health, so Basta Pasta encourages our guests to enjoy every aspect of our menu!

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