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The Health Benefits of Wine

Wine Benefits


At Basta Pasta, we strive to offer our guests with only the best in Italian wines to pair with their lunch and dinner selections. Whether you prefer red wine or white wine, Basta Pasta will have a glass for you. While there is often question about the consumption of wine, recent studies show that wine consumption in moderation can hold several health benefits for consumers.


  • During an eight year study conducted by Columbia University, researchers found that those who consume wine in healthy moderation are cutting their risk for strokes related to blood clots in half.
  • The team at Queen Mary University, found in London, found that wines will help lower the risk of heart attack. This is because of the procyanidins found in red wine that are known to help fight heart diseases.
  • A study found in the Journals of Gerontology stated that those who consumed wine had a lower rate of mortality by 34% in comparison to those who consume beer or other alcohol.
  • A study published in Nature found that those who consume wine have nearly a 50% chance less than others of developing cataracts as they get older.
  • In comparison to those who do not consume alcohol, those who consume wine have a 30 percent less chance of developing type 2 diabetes as they grow older, according to the Medical Center of VU University in Amsterdam.
  • A Columbia University study found that brain activity slows more progressively in those who don’t drink in comparison to those who consume wine.
  • Red wine is known to reduce the chances of colon cancer by about 45% in comparison to those who do not consume wine.


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