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Popular Italian Desserts

Italian DessertsHave you always longed to travel through Italy? Experiencing the many sights, sounds, and of course, food, are some of the best parts of traveling. Food might be one of the most important elements of Italy. Italian cuisine is for more than just eating; it’s what brings people together. Though the recipes may be slightly different in each region, all of Italy does have a few favorite desserts on the national menu. No matter where you decide to travel in Italy, be sure to try the following delectable Italian desserts that you’ll be craving once you arrive back home in the states.


  1. Tiramisu. You may be familiar with this dessert here in the US, but there is no comparison to experiencing the traditional Italian recipe. Enjoy the sweet taste of ladyfingers dipped in espresso, and layered with a combination of mascarpone and powdered cocoa.
  2. Gelato. When traveling in Italy, you may find yourself enjoying gelato every single day. After the first bite, you’ll be hooked. It’s both creamy and rich, and comes in every flavor you could imagine.
  3. Cannoli. A cannoli is also a very popular Italian favorite. What’s better than fried dough filled with sweet, chocolate chip ricotta cream?
  4. Ciarduna. This is a dessert you may not already be familiar with. It’s a sweet pastry dessert that consists of an almond cookie shell, and is usually filled with a sweet mascarpone or ricotta cream, or powdered sugar and chocolate frosting.
  5. Struffoli. These fried dough balls are usually served on Easter and Christmas. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, the dessert is usually served with cinnamon and orange rind as well as honey.


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