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Homecoming Dinner with Basta Pasta

Prom or WeddingAs students across Baltimore County are enjoying heading back to school, many are already looking ahead to some of their favorite school events. While some may be looking forward to sporting events, many are already searching for their dresses and shirts for their homecoming dance. A homecoming dance traditionally takes place towards the end of September and into October and presents students with a chance to fully celebrate the return of the school year.


Whether you are going with a date or going with a group of friends, dinner is always a major event during the evening. So how should you go about making your plans?

Homecoming Tips

  • Begin by deciding how many people will be in your group for the night. Some students who take dates enjoying remaining just a couple while others might try to group up with other couples. Some students who don’t have dates will decide to go with a group of friends instead.
  • Decide what kind of food the group wants to enjoy and what restaurants are near the school or hall that the dance is taking place.
  • Figure out a time and meeting place for the group to carpool to and from the dance and restaurant to make sure everyone is where they need to be when needed.

Visit Basta Pasta for your Homecoming Dinner

In 2004, Basta Pasta opened its doors to the public, and ever since has maintained the image and experience of casual Italian dining. In addition to fresh, delicious ingredients and recipes, the restaurant strives to uphold expert, attentive, and cordial service for its customers. Enjoy a taste of Italy with hearty pasta dishes, endless salad and breadsticks, and fine wines right here in your hometown. For more information, visit our website.


Want to learn more about our wine selection? Need to get in touch with one of our locations? Here is some basic contact information for both:

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