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Wine Menu Spotlights: Chardonnay

white-wine-pairings-300x220At Basta Pasta, we pride ourselves on our dinner and wine menu options. With such an array of choices, some guests have a hard time choosing a wine to pair with their dinners. To help our guests out, here are some wine spotlights to help the decision become easier!

This week, let us spotlight Chardonnay. This white wine found its popularity during the 1990s and still remains a popular choice among many.

Like most white wines, a Chardonnay can be versatile and paired with several different dishes, especially light fish dishes. It has notes of pears and apples without any strong citrus flavors. The longer Chardonnay is aged, the more in-depth the flavors become. Chardonnay has a full finish and body and is a good choice for those who are on the fence about dry and sweet wines. It also makes a great pairing for light desserts as well.

If you are pairing the wine with a chicken dish, make sure the dish doesn’t have a heavy sauce with it. Go for light, oil based sauces with dishes that have white meat or seafood to help enhance flavors rather than mask them. White wines are usually consumed before or after a meal, but they can also make a great dinner drink as well.

Wine with Basta Pasta

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