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Italian Cuisine Characteristics at Basta Pasta

Italian cuisine characteristics

Whether you reside in Fallston or work in Timonium, some individuals long to experience the world. One of the main ways many of us long to experience other cultures is through their food. Probably one of the most popular food cultures to experience is that of Italian cuisine. Restaurants throughout the Fallston and Timonium areas are always trying to duplicate the Italian cuisine characteristics that will transport their customers from their dining room to the culture of Tuscany and Florence. At Basta Pasta, we pride ourselves on using the Italian cuisine characteristics to send our guests to Venice and Sicily. So what constitutes Italian cuisine characteristics? The typical order of an Italian dinner is as follows:

  1. Entrée: This beginning to the meal normally includes some type of pasta along with a selection of meat or fish.
  2. First Course: The second layer to the meal is normally comprised of a risotto or soup to help cleanse the palate of the guest.
  3. Main Entrée or “Secondo”: The largest layer of the meal is created with a main meat, vegetable, or fish selection. A side dish typically accompanies the dish along with a helping of bread.
  4. Dessert: If there is room at the end of the meal, dessert is normally a sweet cake or pastry paired with a cup of espresso or coffee. A selection of fresh fruit can also be considered dessert.

Italian cuisine characteristics also includes a glass of wine, or two, along with the meal. The selection of wine will depend on the meat being served during the meal. A red wine will be served alongside a serving of red meat, such as steak. White wine is normally served with a lighter protein selection, such as chicken or fish.


Basta Pasta is proud to capture the essence of Italian cuisine characteristics with our extensive menu. Ask one of our knowledgeable servers about our menu to make a delicious decision. Our extensive wine list and dinner menu is sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters. Afraid our dining room will be too crowded? Not to worry, Basta Pasta offers online reservations!

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