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Pasta Facts with Basta Pasta


Pasta facts

At Basta Pasta, we specialize in creating authentic Italian cuisine dishes for our Fallston and Timonium guests. One of the main, and most popular, components of Italian cuisine is pasta. To better enjoy your Italian cuisine at Basta Pasta, it’s best to learn your pasta facts. Knowing your pasta facts will help you better enjoy your Italian cuisine and appreciate the authentic taste of your pasta dish.


Basic Pasta Facts

Pasta is the typically used term that refers to different shaped and sized noodles that are incorporated into different dishes. Pasta can be categorized as the following:


  1. Short: These pastas include shapes like tubes, twists, elbows, and shell. These pastas typically require a thicker sauce when being served. A thick sauce will fill the gaps and ridges of the pasta better than thin sauces.
  2. Long: These pastas are typically longer and thinner like linguine, spaghetti, and fettuccine. These pastas require a thinner sauce while being served. A thicker sauce will only overwhelm these pastas, while a thin sauce will balance the dish.
  3. Baking: These pastas are larger in size and flat in order to be used for baking. The most popular pasta in this category is lasagna.



At Basta Pasta, we pride ourselves on using pasta facts to create delicious and authentic Italian cuisine in our extensive menu. Ask one of our knowledgeable servers about our menu to make a delicious decision. Our extensive wine list and dinner menu is sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters. Afraid our dining room will be too crowded? Not to worry, Basta Pasta offers online reservations!

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