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Italian Cuisine by Region

Italian-Cuisine While Italy may only be 154 years old, it has been plenty of time for the country to create a name for itself in the name of cuisine. Italian cuisine has become recognized worldwide for its unique characteristics and flavor profiles. However, many people that do not live within Italy don’t realize how Italian cuisine can be identified by the region in Italy.

So what Italian cuisine is identified with the different Italian regions?

  • Abruzzo- Lamb with eggs and cheese: This region is known for its abundance of sheep farming, which makes this dish perfect for this region of Italy. The sauce is created with the milk and cheese from sheep.
  • Basilicata- Lagane with chickpeas and olive oil: This region is known for its simplistic style, which makes this dish perfect for the region.
  • Calabria- Macaroni with pork: This dish was picked for the Calabria region because it incorporates several elements from the southern areas of Italy.
  • Campania- Pizza Napoletana: In this region of Italy, carbs are the star of most cooking, which makes this pizza perfect for its regional Italian cuisine. This specific type of pizza is cooked within a wood burning oven and is topped with sauce and cheese.
  • Lazio-Spring Lamb: While this region is home to Rome, the countryside of the region is left at peace from tourism. This Italian cuisine helps to highlight the more simplistic way of life that the countryside still holds on to while the other part of the region succumbs to tourism and activity.
  • Molise- Tripe Dumplings: Of all the regions throughout Italy, this area is one of the lesser known regions for outsiders. Like Abruzzo, lamb can be found all over Molise, and the natives enjoy consuming every part of the animal that they can. Because of this, Tripe Dumplings are considered the perfect dish to describe the region.


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